Friday, 12 February 2016

My Instagram Life

So hi...

Instagram and Twitter are pretty much my favourite time waster. I am definitely a fan of scrolling through casually while avoiding getting out of bed in the mornings or when I'm waiting around for something or someone. Twitter is like my internal monologue and instagram is my vanity in photo form, it's great. Instagram is also where I post the 'best bits' which I think is a pretty normal thing for most people, and I thought I'd do little features maybe monthly of my activity on instagram, which will mostly be selfies but ya know.
I'll sometimes talk about the things that I didn't put up on instagram, like feeling sad at 3/4am in the morning or having my cards swallowed and cursing my life, you know, the not so 'best' bits.

In January I was really on it with the posting, and as you can see there is a clear theme of drawings and selfies. So shame. The selfie game felt strong the last few weeks, maybe I'm just getting more confident and happy with myself but either way I'll take it. And then the cheeky porridge shot most recently. Classic Instagram really.

The not so good bits as I mentioned were I had my debit cards taken by an ATM, which meant I missed out on an evening meal.
I had a really bad time with sleep, which I'm still kinda having, where I'll go a few days with barely an hour sleep each day.
And I got in a real downer about uni and my future, worrying about if I'm capable.

But I still had a good month, and the best bits still outweigh the not so good, I went lazer tag in a children soft play area, I got to grips with my course and enjoy it after my panicking and I feel more confident with myself, if you couldn't tell from the selfies ;)

What does your Instagram show of your life, Is it all fairytales, have any not so best bits?
Let me know down in the comments!

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Much love guys!

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