Sunday, 4 October 2015

October Aims.

So hi...

Only 3 more months till we've finished 2015 and I'm barely used to writing 2015 on the date, but autumn is upon us and I have another set of aims for the month of October, As I'm heading into the full swing of University, a few of them are quite uni/Birmingham related.

-Keep in contact with Friends. Both in and outside of Birmingham, Since my uni friends aren't as easily accessible like last year I need to make more effort, and I just generally miss talking to my home friends more when I never see them

-Learn my way around Birmingham Better. Because I lived and had my campus in Perry bar last year I hardly ever went to the centre, and as such I hardly know my way around, now I'm dead centre and looking forward to exploring.

-Visit more Cafes and little food places around the City. I'm a sucker for cafes and little food joints, and the idea of going into cafes, grabbing a coffee and just doing some work on your laptop seems adorable and oh so chic, so I'd love to try it.

-Stay ahead of Uni work. Pretty understandable one here. Although I passed last year and got all my work done, I definitely could have done it better and I definitely could have made more of an effort to keep my notes up to date, So this year, as it really counts, I aim to.

-Do Extra reading every weekend. Adding on to the last point, I really want to read more into my subject and the topics that I'm interested in, I choice to do this at university so I should make a real effort to learn the field.
-Increase Daily Productivity. There are 24 hours in a day, and because I have such a bad sleeping schedule I probably only sleep for 6/7 of that, that's 17/18 Hours in the day that I could be spending doing useful things to be productive and improve my life. I spend way to much time lazing around doing nothing.

-Keep Working The Confidence. One of last month's aims was about being more confident, and I even note a post about it. And I've achieved that amazingly well, I'm not 100% sure how I made myself do it but the same body I thought was monsterous and fat I now look at thinking, I'm not ideal, but damn do I look good in that dress/top etc. I'm still working towards small fitness and health goals, but confidence is growing in me and boy do I feel sassy.

-Read and listen to news more. As shameful as it is, I hardly ever read the news, I see and hear a lot of things through the odd facebook post and tweet but that's a minor amount to what i should be reading, especially as a criminology student. and I do enjoy reading the news, but I think I like to have a newspaper to read the news, online there is just a little too much going on everywhere for me to read and know everything. But I'll start slow and find a way.

-Attend and get involved with my Societies. I joined up to 3/4 Extra societies this year on top of the 2 I was already apart of last year, and two of them are rather active, That's at least 3 societies and meetings to keep up with weekly, as well as the other which meet every month or so. But I'm super excited to be apart of the different communities and I know I'll love it.

And those are my aims for the month of October, very doable and most of them are just a case of setting a new habit for myself.

What are the aims you've set yourself this month?
Let me know in the comments down below!

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Much love guys!

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