Saturday, 3 October 2015

The Monthly Round Up: September

So Hi...

One or two days late with this but ya know starting back at uni has been a busy time. Anyhow! It's now October and the time of Autumn and Halloween is very much upon us. I actually had an amazing September. I got to do so many things and after being so limited for nearly 2 months it was an amazing feeling, it was like I lived that little bit extra and appreciated everything that little bit more. Anyway, I got to spend loads of time with Jordine, went to Sheffield for a house Party, had freshers AND got to spent 2/3 days with Jordine in Bedford. As well as moving back to Lovely Birmingham and attending the #WestMidlandsBloggerMeet (that post will be up soon I promise!) I also applied for a load more societies this year which I hope to keep involved in and I paid off a few gigs and Holiday plans, SO yeah September has been pretty damn amazing.

House party in Sheffield // House party selfie with bae //  Make-up on point // Packing for uni //
My cute window display// WestMidlandsBLoggerMeet // Beford antics // Night in at bedford//
Freshers week // Fiesta night // Night out with Hazza in bedford // With bae out in bedford.

So with the month of Halloween starting and Uni Soon to be in full swing I doubt October will be as hectic or as Adventurous as September but that's Fine, I'm looking forward to being back in Birmingham and Beginning my Second year at University, Plus I'm already loving living in my own flat with Hew and Kate, It's going to still be a pretty good month I think, Plus I love the cosy yet cold feel Autumn brings, Nights in under covers with hot chocolate is how I'll be spending most evenings

How was your September? And any interesting plans for October?
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Much love guys!

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