Saturday, 5 September 2015

Mini Lush Haul

So hi...

For my birthday my lovely sister bought me a lush gift box set, and strangely enough while I was at Bath, I bought myself some stuff as well so now I have a nice little collection to share with you all.
 The set my sister bought for my is called the Sweetie pie gift set but when I tried to find it on the site it didn't show up, so I'm guessing it was a limited thing. It comes with 7 products, one of which I've already used, the products are:

-Space Girl Ballistic: This is the purple one in the shape of a planet, if it wasn't obvious enough, it smells nice and looks nice, I have good expectations for this one so I'm thinking to save it for a pamper night when I'm super stressed.
- Rockstar Soap: oddly enough I bought myself some of this when I went Bath, but it was recommended to me as I asked for something similar to snow fairy as I always want but miss it when it's out, the smell isn't exactly like snow fairy, I find it to be a bit milder but it's still lovely and sweet and I can't wait to use it.
-Think Pink Ballistic: This is the product I've already used, it smelt quite sweet and made the water.. you guessed it, pink. There was also little petals that floated about the bath, which is a love/hate for me, it looks awesome but is so impractical!
-Shimmy Shimmy Glitter bar: This isn't the golden sparkly bar like you would think but the Cream heart shape, I'm really looking forward to this as it looks like it would make my skin so so soft, it feels super creamy in my hands, the glitter is less to look forward to though
-Creamy Candy: With a little flower on top this bar looks cute, 'mm guessing the flower floats around the bat and the bar itself definitely gives a candy smell, I think this will be one of the least interesting one but I could be wrong.
-Sweetie Pie Shower Jelly: Now this one is just so confusing to me, It's a jelly shower wash? Like shower gel in jelly form, But I'm just not sure how to go about using it, do I cut bits of jelly out to use in my showers or what? Such an interesting idea, it does smells lovely and when attempt to break up and use a bit, it bit make me feel lovely and scented.
-Sunny Side: This is the golden glittery circle, and man oh man I can only imagine the mess this will make, but boy would it feel like some sort of magical fairy tale, barely touching with you hands has them covered in glittery goodness. It's a pleasant smell and I bet will make for one hell of a bath.

That's all of the Products from the Gift set and I have 3 more products I bought, one of which I've already mentioned is more of the Rock star bar. The other two products are both bath bars and are:
-The Comforter: I feel it's a sort of does what it says thing which will let me just chill out in the bath and watch Tv while I soak my skin, another one for after a stressed day I think.
-Granny takes a dip: Odd name I though, I got this another seeing a few people mention it and it's lovely and colourful ( sorry I didn't want to rip the bars so no photos) It's got a lovely fresh scent and I think it would be the sort to refresh and inspire you from the colours.

And those are all the things I have from Lush at the moment, not a bad little lot if you ask me, loads of sweet things which is just my style and I just know I'll appreciate these when I'm back in Birmingham and Panicking over the 1000 Assignments and essays I'll undoubtedly have.

Picked anything up from lush recently?
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Much love guys!

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