Sunday, 6 September 2015

It's all about the Confidence.

So hi...

 Now aiming to be more confident with myself has been a personal goal for both August and September now, It's something I seriously struggle with and always have, but the last year has seen huge personal development in my life, the beginning of Uni really hit home with what I want out of life and a big part of that was to feel happy with myself, both in terms of who I am as a person and what I look like. I'm a chunky Monkey, At birth I was 7 weeks premature and super small, to the point I fit into my hands hand, Boy did that change quickly, I've always remembered being taller and bigger than the children around me.

But I'm not obese, I'm still lucky enough to be loved by friends and family, to be complimented on and for people to enjoy my personality and company. I have a pretty good life.
But I still over worry, think I'm disliked and think I'm ugly and a lot of other negative thinking that I just don't need to put myself through, with that in mind I wrote a few little bullet points I need to consider to up my confidence.

-Work with what you got:
Now I'm not model material and unlike my sister I can't eat 2 share packets of Haribo a night and still be a size 6, that's just not happening, but I have some nice features and aspects, I'm well blessed in the chest department, I love my eyes and I have the ability to do winged liner in seconds, So Although I hips are huge compared to my waist and I have mega chunky calf's from dance and swimming when I was younger, I just gotta work with it. it's not like the world ends because i can't have the perfect body, someone out there will love it and for now I just have to work on loving it myself.

Dress in what makes you feel and look good:
I think this is a huge think when it comes to confidence, unfortunately not everything suits me or looks great on me, and that's something I gotta work on, I'm currently in the process of a wardrobe overhaul which I'll have a few posts on but I'm working hard to find styles and pieces that both suit me and make me feel good, I still have yet to find a solid style or fashion sense that I feel represents me as a person and shows off my personality. I won't be able to do that immediately either its a slow and steady process with a lot of trail and error, but damn when I finish I'll be the most confidence sass master you ever seen.

Stop caring about others opinions about you:
I am so bad with this, It's so easy to compare and judge yourself based on other people, I try not to show it but people's opinions effect me so much, this year is the first that I'm stopped letting it, starting buying things because I want them and not trying to buy things just because someone else like it or looked good and ended up disappointed, I do have my own opinions ans at the end of the day, that's really all that matters.

Changes should be for your happiness:
If you decide to make a lifestyle change or are confronted with any choice, whatever option you chose should be made with your own happiness in mind, I'm a sucker for trying to please everyone, but that just ain't possible most of the time and if your own happiness is sacrificed or forgotten in the process, it's not worth it, you always know you'll have your own back and you can't rely on that from anyone else, It's also a good point that how much can you really help and make others happy if you yourself are miserable and not healthy, You come first, do things for you.

And most changes are gradual:
When it comes to big life changing choices, there are not a quick thing, most changes take time, and a decent amount of it. For example my bid to lose weight, as much as I'd likely it to be, isn't something that can be done in a week or two, it's a lifestyle change and takes time and a lot of dedication from myself, And that's just life, to uproot and change something you're used to is a big thing and means taking time.

Fake it till you make it:
Probably one of the biggest things and actually something I'm quite good at when it comes to confidence, If you're not confident, you don't have to let the world know that, Pretend. pretending to be confident for longer enough is likely to result in a small confident boost, I mean if your always acting like you're the baddest bitch ever, you'll eventually start to believe it and it won't be such of an act anymore. This is something I do a lot and although when alone I overthink and worry I know that it is me overthinking.

So those are my little rant points on confidence and generally things to improve your own happiness and life, I'm trying to implement these into my own life and hopefully you guys can get something out of it too.

Do you have confidence issues like me? any advice?
Let me know in the comments down below!

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Much love guys!

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