Monday, 7 September 2015

The Autumn Lip.

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It is just me or has the cold come around a little too quickly? It still felt summery last week and now it's absolutely freezing! what's that about, anyway with that in mind I've been having a little look in my lipstick collection to see what lip colours I'll be using this autumn. I like to go two ways with lip colour in cold weather, either the typical dark berry and purple toned colours, or nude and lightly pink toned colours. I don't know why but they are just my thing for autumn and winter. So I got together a little collection of what I think I'll be reaching for this Autumn, and it's a fair few.

From the make up Revolution #Liphug collection there are three colours I'll be using, The top, darkest one is 'Saviour will come' It's a dark browny berry toned colour which would be nice for those milder nights out. The second colour is called 'To get lucky' and is a little similar to the first but is much lighter and has more of a reddy tone to it, I think this would be for days when I was feeling a little sassy. The last one is 'insatiable' and is a lovely Pink tone with a hint of red, a nice staple colour for any situation really.

And there's the rest, The two in the top are also from Make up Revolution and are the shades 'Rebel without Cause' which is a bright berry purple and the other from the Vamp shade collection is '100% vamp', a super dark, nearly black purple, definitely a vampiric color. Both would be for either nights out or a daring super cold day.
The next two are both from the Rimmel Moisture renew range, The first shade is 380 'Dark night Waterl-opps' a super pigmented plum Berry colour, perfect to keep my lips soft against the harsh weather and you gotta have a berry colour for the colder months, it's a must. The second shade is a vibrant dark pink shade called 360 'As you want Victoria' I can see myself wearing this the most, such a sassy and stand out pink.
The last two are the nude tones I mentioned and are different brands. The first is an oldie from Maybelline and from there water shine range, It's called 24 'Hazelnut sauce' And very much fits the name, it's a super browny nude colour, makes me feel super sophisticated, I'll be wearing this on the quick days where I wanna look effortlessly chic.
And the last which is a perfect my lips but better pink nude for me is from collection in the shade 13 'Vintage Rose'. Whenever I just can't be bothered but don't fancy looking a wreck at uni, I'll be slicking this on for a perfect pout.

And those are the picks for Autumn and winter, I will probably also be wearing 107 by Kate Moss because it's my most favourite lipstick of all time, but I talk about that enough so I left it out this time.

What will you be reaching for this Autumn?
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