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My Dorm/Uni Room Essentials

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It's not long now till I'm back off to uni for my second year, it feels like only a few weeks ago that I was panicking about moving into Accommodation for my first year! Although I'll have my own flat ( with 2 friends) I still have a few must have items to make it feel homely. I think this is super important for your first year! It can feel pretty bare and lonely when you first move in. New place, New room, it can be pretty scary!
So I thought I would write about my essentials to make my room feel homely and comforting!
This Idea was given to me by a brand called Parachute Home! They have a load of Quality bedding and cosy things to spruce up your room. May seem expensive but I definitely think it would last and feel super soft!
Check them out here:

So My Dorm Essentials?

Bedding: The Bed is the easiest and probably most effective way to immediately make your bare room feel more you. putting on some pretty sheets and adding some pretty pillows give the room a little personality and shows off your tastes!

I have a number of different bed sets and like to swap them out, My favourites are this gorgeous skyline which I got from Asda And this super summery pineapple cover. So pretty.
Throws: Are another way to decorate a bed, Mine is a simple black flurry one from primark but I'd love to get a brighter patterned one!
Pillows: I only owe 3 pillows to decorate my bed with currently but I'm desperate to build up my collection by about 10x. The pillows I currently have as you can see are three cream ones, with one in the shape of a heart which, once again was from Primark. Sorry but Primark does pretty home stuff for super cheap.

Photos: Pretty obvious but sticking up photos is a great way to personalize your uni room. I decided to put mine up in a little heart pattern above my bed which was super simple but looked really nice.

Notice board: Most uni Accommodation rooms have some form of notice board, Usually with all the safety stuff pinned to it at the beginning, since you're not really allowed to have things up on the walls in most places it's great to use this to stick up any posters, I used mine for my planner poster I got at the uni Fair (Go to these it's freebie galore) and little tickets and a t-shirt from nights out, which I put photos on top of.

Little ornaments: This won't be for every one but having little cute nik naks on my shelves other than uni books and notes definitely made my room look better.

And those are my Dorm Essential for comfort. I may do a few more posts like these, Such as Essentials for the kitchen or bath room! I know a lot of people worry over what things to take to uni.
Did or do you have thing to bring that homely feel to a new room?
Let me know down in the comments below!

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Much love guys!

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