Tuesday, 4 August 2015

My New Home: Flat Tour.

So Hi..

On Saturday, Despite my cast I went up to Birmingham to collect the keys to my new flat and move in a few on my bits in to lessen the load when I move in properly. I was so excited, there's a completely different feel to seeing a place as apart of a viewing and then seeing the place as your own, you completely start to think what it will be like to live there and how everyday life will be like. I even started thinking about what I'd put where and how I'd decorate my room.  also got to get the okay sign from my dad who had yet to see the place. It's been so stressful house hunting we had a house then lost it and everything seemed to go wrong, so to now have a place where the contract is signed and in effect. It's a great feeling, The bills have also been a great stress but to have that also nearly done, I'm so happy.  Thought I would share my happiness with you all and show off the flat as it is. It's a little empty right now but once me and my friends move in I'm sure it will be full of life.

 This is my room, which actually already looks pretty homely with the few things I brought in. There was 1 double and 2 singles in the flat, the friends I'm staying with are a couple so I decided it was nice to let them have the double bed, Aren't I a doll? I Really like this room though and the previous tenants left a desk and chair behind, bonus.
 The one downside to my room is that it Doesn't have a long mirror which I'll definitely have to get, for personal use and how else will I get any outfit photos?
 This is the bath room, to the left of the photo is a cool shower bit which is super nice looking, IT's a pretty clean and nice layout. there's a decent bit of storage ability as well so we can all have bath things in the bathroom without it looking cluttered.
 Pretty standard here but the hallway from the front door which goes straight into the kitchen.
 The front room is huge, and super fresh looking but as you can tell, it's empty! the Sofa was left and it's pretty nice, but I'm pretty sure we're be buying a dining set to put in here as well. I think we'll also be putting my wii and maybe xbox360 here so we can all relax and play games in here.

And finally the kitchen, it's a pretty big open space as well and beautifully designed, the dark wood on the white looks gorgeous, though I know we'll have to make a real effort to keep the white floors and surfaces clean, There's tons of space though, to the point I think there'll be too much for three people to use. Not that I'm complaining ,it's tons better than the small amount we had in the accommodation. There's also a washing machine and tumble dryer, woohooooo.

And that's my new flat! I'll be visiting it in a few weeks to celebrate my 20th birthday which I'm really looking forward to!

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