Monday, 3 August 2015

Coloured Liner.

So hi...

When it comes to eye liner I've always gone for good old black, except the little exception of a white pencil for underneath the eye. But n terms of eyeliner for the top and my usual wing I've always gone with the normal black liner whether it was pen or gel or liquid.
HOWEVER. while in superdrug (just before the broken foot!) I was looking for my collection extreme liner as it's my old faithful for eyeliner but there was no black! There was however other colours, two of which caught my eye. So here I am with two different coloured eyeliner pens and I'm going to show them off too you.

 The two colours that caught my eye was a bright turquoise/green purple and a purple colour, It helps that the collection extreme felt tip liners are only £3/4 each so it wouldn't be breaking the bank if i didn't like either colour.
 So the green colour is definitely my favourite out of the two, I find it matches really well to my eye colour and makes them pop, which is awesome, it's also got super staying power. twice the amount of the black version.
The purple is also super pretty looking, It's a pretty colour and I definitely think I'd use it along with the black version to add colour, such as a smokey eye for a night out then a swipe of the purple under a black liner, I think it'd look super cool.

Have you ever adventured into the realm of coloured eyeliners? any colour suggestions.
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