Saturday, 8 August 2015

Visual Mood boards: Fashion

So hi..

I've always loved mood boards, They are a great way to gather your thoughts and inspirations in one little place. I've never made one myself however. SO I decided to make myself a few, each with different themes. I'd love to do a physical mood board but with my restricted movement I've been doing a few digital ones for now! The first little theme I've decided on it fashion. I always struggle with style and what fashion I like so now I have a few options. I used a App called Niice to make these boards as it's super quick, Unfortunately I can't have these boards in an image with upgrading to pro to show the picture in the post, You can go see the board however with a link!
I put in my own little photo of outfits I have worn, I feel like you can tell that their isn't any definite style there. If there is I can't see it.

Minimal Style:
My First board was of the minimalist fashion style, Crisp white shirts flawlessly matched with blue jeans and heels. It's such a simple and chic style which I'd love to own.

A bit of everything:
This mood board is a big mish mash of gorgeous clothes, photographed beautifully and it all their glory, There wasn't a strict theme as it's all things I love and would wear.

'Edgy' Or Hipster:
I have no shame that the fashion style know to be 'hipster' I absolutely adore. Though I do fine that it's younger teens that call it hipster and as I'm getting older (Nearly 20) It's just considered style, Which is great because hipsters is considered such a bad term but I love it. Someday I wanna look as good.

And those are my Fashion Visual Mood boards! Once again it sucks I couldn't get them as a photo for the blog but Oh well.

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