Monday, 17 August 2015

BATH Photo Diary

So Hi...

I'm back from my mini holiday! I didn't get to do posts everyday as it was super tiring and I usually fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow, But we're back for the rest of August!

Bath was such a nice place, It's so so so pretty and bustling with life, especially on the Saturday where buskers where on every corner as well as a million tourists! We were there from wednesday to Sunday and went into town twice, once for touristy stuff (If you're ever in bath go to Bath escape it's a historical investigation tour) and for general wandering and shopping. We also had two house parties, one for Natasha's Birthday who was the amazing host of the week and once for my own birthday which was great despite me feeling a little strange being away from home for my birthday.

I have a fair few photos to share, though I will be GREATLY limiting the drunken mess photos!
but enjoy.

It was an amazing week and the rest of this month will only get better with the amount of plans I have!

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Much love guys!

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