Friday, 24 July 2015

10 healthy (ish) Breakfasts!

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Bit of a different post here but I've mentioned on my twitter that I'd love to slowly incorporate foodie posts into my blog and as it already has small aspects of fashion and lifestyle as well as beauty, why not? It is my little space of the internet after all.

So today I thought I'd give my top 10 healthy (ish) breakfasts that  love to have! as I haven't been able to make these dishes recently due to my broken foot I haven't been able to get photographs but I'll definitely do a little round up recipe post with photos and how I made them all! I'll be putting up my top 10 lunches and dinners as well!

1.Porridge & fruit (I also love peanut butter with it)- Super simple, super easy and you can change up the flavours and toppings almost endlessly, I always find porridge super filling as well.
2. Museli- Pretty similar to porridge in you can really change up the flavours but also just as tasty, I see it as the cold alternative to porridge
3. Weebatix- Sometimes all you fancy is some cereal, I love weetabix for this as it's quite nutritious. I love topping it with honey
4. 'Healthy' Fry up- Now this is probably the worst on the list but there are loads of way you can change up a fry up to make it better for you, such a grilling instead of frying, and using alternatives to fatty oils, you can also add more salad or veg to the fry up, such as a side salad or avocado, delicious 
5. Fruit (& Veg) Smoothies - Another endless option, you can make so many different kinds of fruit or green smoothies t make different flavours, I like spinach or kale with strawberries as the main flavours!
6. Banana Pancakes - These are so easy and tasty, egg and banana to make pancakes? who could complain, I love fruit and honey with these!
7.Crumpet topped with Peanut butter and banana - This was an idea I seen on a meal plan and I actually really enjoyed it, warm crumpet with melty peanut butter and banana is just such a good combination
8. Egg Spinach & tomatoes Dippy Thing ( I don't think it really has a name) - I seen this thing around the internet for a while and recently in beautycrush's video! but It's a super interesting and flavourful breakfast and perfect to dip some fresh bread in, you can also mix up the flavours and add things into it.
9. Rivita And Poached egg (Or others etc) - You could definitely add different toppings on your rivta like avocado or my personal favourite (next to poached egg) is a bit of philly cream cheese with a slice of ham.
10. Veggie omelette - It doesn't have to be a veggie omelette but it's that little bit healthier, plus veggie omelette is actually pretty nice and can be easily flavoured with spices.

And those are my top kinda healthy breakfasts that I love to have! Look forward to amazing photos and how I make these soon! As well as 10 lunches an 10 dinners I love!
What are your favourite breakfast meals?
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