Friday, 17 July 2015

Primark Mini Haul

So hi...

Before I broke my foot, that day I actually had a really good day just shopping on my own and getting a few things I'v wanted for a while, I also made a trip to primark, I wasn't looking for anything in particular but that always seems to be how you find the best things.

 So accessory wise I picked up these gorgeous little earrings for £1! they are really interesting as well, the peal sits at the front and the gold triangle sits at the back of the ear piercing for that extra detail. The glasses were actually bought by my mum for our Race for life team, but I thought they were pretty cute and from primark so I thought I would include them. And my Favourite is this set of three chockers/necklaces, they are quite small and cute and I love the little bits of colour in them. I've seen a load of amazing looking necklaces and chockers from Primark but as my local store is pretty small we don't get much of the seasonal products which sucks, I am aiming to go shopping elsewhere soon though once I can walk.
Clothes wise I was good and didn't let myself walk around too much, I picked up these two printed tees for £3 each, the ying yang one I actually cut the arms off to make it more of a tank. The tigers one I bought kind of as a respect to my uni as we are the Bcu Tigers and the print is quite similar to my uni symbol. And finally the gorgeous summer shorts, I'd seen these around a lot but hadn't seen many of them in store, the shorts section in my local Primark is a bomb shell and nearly impossible to find anything. But I managed to grab these in my size and I can't wait to wear them! Since the sun disappeared I'm hoping it'll make an appearance in august.
And that's my little haul from primark! not too much stuff but I'm happy with it.

Any purchases you're loving from Primark recently?
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Much love guys!

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