Sunday, 19 July 2015

101 things in 1001 Days: Summer 2015 Update!

So Hi...

Another little update and I now have 24 things completed out of 101, and added a few to the ones such as eat 100 new foods etc. It's July now so it's been over a year since I started this, think I've done pretty well, I also changed point 35, from save £300 to save £1000 as I feel £300 was a pretty small amount when I think of how much I have available from student finance.

4th July 2014 - 6th April 2017
1)Try To eat healthier (Getting there!)
2)Lose a stone within a year
3)Pass My A Levels
4)Get into university
5)Go to The London Zoo
6)Take up a new sport
7)Do the race for life
8) Keep a Diary for 3 months minimum
9) Visit 15 different unknown places (4/15)
10) Visit Paris
11) Visit America
12) Learn 15 new skills (0/15)
13) Learn to drive
14) Go to airsoft/lasertag
15) Experience 40 New foods/meals(23/40)
16) Watch 100 movies I hadn't seen before(41/100)
17) Cook or bake 25 things I hadn't made before (15/25)
18)Make a list of 100 things that make me happy
19)Make a pizza from scratch
20)Buy a Polaroid camera
21)Get a new laptop
22)Start a scrapbook
23)Walk around a city alone.
24) Give up Chocolate for a month
25) Get a job
26) Attend a midnight movie showing
27)Become an organ donor
28)Give blood
29) Kiss in the rain
30) Go ice skating
31)Make Flower crowns successfully
32)Take my mum out for lunch/dinner
33)Buy 5 things from MAC(0/5)
34) Go a week without swearing
35)Save £1500 in my bank account
36)Complete my Wreck this journal
37)Try 10 products from lush I haven't tried before(3/10)
38)Make a fancy cocktail
39)Get a massage
40) Learn to edit and design (blogs, vlogs etc)
41)Learn to say I love you in 10 different languages(0/10)
42)Go on a 'Date'
43)Go to an open acoustic season
44)Get a facial
45)Give money to a street performer
46)Save £1 for each task completed(£24/£101)
47)Make a playlist of 101 of my favourite songs
48)Attend A Cosplay Event
49)Draw something new everyday for a month(0/30)
50) Attend 5 Fashion/Beauty Events(1/5)
51)Attend 5 concerts(0/5)
52)Write a list of 25 things I like about myself
53)Blog once everyday for a month
54)Dip dye something
55)Have a picnic in the park
56)Make 5 of my own Cosplay outfits (1/5)
57)Take a road trip with friends
58)Make a list of my 50 most favourite quotes
59)Donate all my unwanted clothes to charity 
60)Make my own jewelry
61)Buy a matching set of sexy underwear
62)Make a list of 25 books I would like to read
63)Go to the cinema on my own
64)Make my own shirt
65)Buy someone a gift just because
66)Learn 3 songs on guitar(0/3)
67)Don't eat fast food for a month
68) Learn to sow properly.
69)Go to 15 Restaurants I've never been to before(4/15)
70)Make a blanket fort
71) Reach 400 BL followers
72) Upload a video to YouTube That I'm really proud of
73) Keep a notepad on me for a month
74) Have a dinner party
75) Invite at least 5 people to stay with me at uni (1/5)
76) Find out my blood type
77) Keep a spending diary for a month
78)Complete a sudoku book
79) Do a box swap with an Another blogger
80)Visit a new country
81) Watch all the Harry Potter movies in one week
82)Get up early to watch the sunrise
83) Make a new close friend
84) Build a snowman
85) Don't rely on parents
86) Take someone out just because
87) Make 15 handmade gifts(0/15)
88)Have professional photos taken for my mum
89)Ask 10 friends to recommend a book and read them(0/20)
90) Spend a day in St.Albans And London
91) See a burlesque show
92) Buy something from Etsy
93) Work out everyday for 20 minutes for a month.
94) See a firework show
95) Go berry picking
96) Buy myself a tripod and a wireless remote for my camera
97) Join a club
98) Take pictures in a photo booth
99) Jump into a body of water fully clothed
100) Learn a poem by heart
101) Get a pen pal

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Much love guys!

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