Saturday, 4 April 2015

April Goals

So Hi...

Thought I would do another little goals type post. I tend to do this every now and again to show everyone where I'm sort of heading or what I'm hoping to achieve this month/season. It's not a super big list but ya know.

1: Keep up the Healthy Meal Plans! Recently I've started to keep up healthy eating through specific meal plans I've found on the weight watchers site, These were free and I have just finished a week, I could talk forever about healthy eating and my personal struggles but lets leave that for anther day! anyway I hope to upkeep this throughout the month!

2. Get outside. A little bit of an obvious one but I wanna make the most of the spring and summer season and get out and about, both at uni with the flatmates and once I'm home, this one is more whole of summer goal then only april but ya know.

3. Get More Creative!! Lately I've been feeling super uncreative, i don't draw or create as much as I used to and it sucks, I feel so drained of inspiration and creative flow, so I'm aiming to revive that.

4. Do more Fashion related posts! Don't get scared, be confident. Fashion posts are some of my favourites, how to style and personal style blogs cover maybe 40-50% of the blogs I read, I envy their fashion sense and confidence and really want to post a little more fashion along with the odd make-up and lifestyle posts.

5. Make more commitments and keep them. This is for both personal and social commitments, I feel like if i make commitments with friends, i'm more inclined to keep them I really want to give myself more commitments and things to do.

6. Stay in more frequent contact with friends and catch up more! To be honest I think I'm quite decent at this already as i tend to catch up with most friends when home but I want to keep up with it and text and talk to friends more, I really appreciate my close friends since uni.

What goals have you set for yourself this month if any? let me know in the comments below!

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Much love guys!

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