Friday, 3 April 2015

The Monthly Round up: March

So Hi...

Course girls takeaway night// Footie girls geek theme night// Selfie and Photos from joshes birthday 9 Next 5 photos)// Pub visit turned flatparty// Pub with the uni lot plus josh and his parents // usual asda visits// Hewan wants to be packed in brads suitcase.

March actually seemed to fly by. Seemed like only last week that I was in Paris for the end of feb and start of march and now It's already April and next Monday I jet off to Spain for a week with my football society. Its been quite a good month though, The eventful days were spread out but the chilled out days were also very much welcomed. we all had a assignment due last friday, which meant the 2 weeks before were pretty stressful, though I was lucky enough to finish that assignment early. I've spent the last few days of march at home catching up with family and friends. couldn't ended it a better way.

How was you march? let me know down in the comments below!

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