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The Year Round up: 2014

So hi...

And that's the year over.. 2014 over and done with and I'm not sure whether I thought it was quick or not. Honestly a lot of the year feels quite blurry to me as Uni beginning has been such a huge change it's blurred the few months previous, BUT here it is a few photos of my year.

Janaury: This was a pretty good month, I went yolo mood and chopped off over half my hair to my shoulders and did lots of cooking as well as catching up with friends.

Febuary: As far as I remember this was another pretty good month, I went to see ADTR with my friend Darcie and  had another London trip for Casual Shopping with Ross, Was eventful and lots of fun.

March: not as good of a month, I finally went into hospital to get my Tonsils removed which had been playing up for nearly 6 months, but I was glad to have them out, And still got to enjoy Paddy' day with the Family, Result.

April: This was an interesting month, the highlight being the fancy dress party my friend had, which I went as a maid If you couldn't tell, I think it looks pretty good, I also got a bit of summer prep shopping done and treated myself to games, I love the Bioshock game series.

May: I had a really good may, had a lot of fun, Went out for a 'quiet' drink with my friend Amber which ended up with a struggled walk home at 6.30am, I also had work at 8 the next day where I didn't finish till 8pm, It was hard, I feel like I lost my sanity at some point, but I still really enjoyed the work and night out aha! I also had a great chilled 'party' at my Friends which is the second picture. And the last is a catch up with Friend Darcie where we were classy and sat with a whole pizza each and a Costa, Perfect.

June: Apparently june was the month of selfies for me. In honesty this was the month my memory card messed up and decided to wipe my photos before I got a chance to back the latest files up, And so poor june here doesn't have much to show for it, but I remember it was a lovely start to my summer, I wore dresses and everything, I also had a really good work shift at the club for Specs comedy, it was really good.

July: Getting into the full swing of summer I made sure to make the most of it trying to soak up the rays without burning and we had plenty of nights out with lots of ridiculous photos as you can tell.

August: So I slightly messed up my neat 3 photo thing i had going on here but August is summer and my birth month so gimme some leeway here. And can i just say, that middle photo, I now look at and wish I looked like that now, I was working out then as well, what the hell?? As I said before I turned 19 in august and had lots of days in the sun, nights out and a little BBQ at a friends, I also got a full fringe which I'm already missing...

September: Again ruining the theme but the last few months have been very eventful and I've tried to take more photos for it. I moved to Uni and had a heart breaking 'Last Supper' with my friends at home. But Freshers was super eventful and fun, very student typical in the large amount of partying.

October: Still in the moving to uni swing, I still spent lots of time partying with my new friends. I also went to a toga party as apart of a social with the Football society I joined, they are a fab bunch. I also had a lovely week back home as we partied on halloween (My friend has his birthday on halloween) And I got to see my cat, always a highlight.

November: The partying calmed down slightly in November but not too much, It was also the start of the Festivities of Christmas settling in, I got to experience the German Christmas market in Birmingham, It was absolutely amazing. Everything was so pretty and it put me right into the Christmas spirit

December: And so here we are the last month, I could chat ages about December since It's fresh in my mind but you would have already seen my December round up so I won't go on. It was a nice mix between being at uni and at home and was an absolutely amazing finish to the year!

And that was my year, I'd say it was a pretty good year apart from the hospital early on and stuff, but I pasted my A levels and Uni is going well, I also already signed for a house next year with the amazing group of friends I've made at uni and I can't wait to live in a house next year. I've also really grown as a person since uni, and have grown very close with a few people from home, I suppose realizing those I can always rely on.

So it's been a really great year I think, Well as the end of it I'm feeling positive so it had to be!
 How was your year? Did you get up to much?

We'll talk soon lovelies!

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Much love guys!

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