Saturday, 8 November 2014

The Recent Buys.

So hi...

The winter season added with the money supply that is student finance meant that I've been able to buy a few things for myself in the last few months. Now I haven't bought much and made sure nothing was too expensive so I didn't break the bank!

 Since It's getting mighty cold now, with it turning winter and all. So Buying a nice wooly hat was in order, I found this one in sports direct while looking for football gear and decided it would be perfect, I have beanie hats already but this one is just much more cosy and winter appropriate looking. If my memory serves me right it was about £6-7
 Next of the thing I've bought is bags, two of them to be exact. The gorgeous burgundy red clutch was £6 from primark and It's just such a pretty bag that actually fits a decent amount in despite it's size, I didn't need this really I just wanted it...
The other monochrome bag was £15 and I ordered it online from New look. I bought it originally as a replacement bag for the monochrome bag I had from primark that broke the first week of uni, but I was a little disappointed. Don't get me wrong I do quite like the bag, but I expected it to be a little bigger than it is, it's a struggle as a uni bag which was it's purpose, so although I may have to buy a bigger bag it is lovely and I will still keep using it.
Onto the beauty related purchases.
On a unnecessary but at the same time SO necessary visit to superdrug I took advantage of the 3 for 2 offer and got myself some more nail varnish, One clear coat polish that can be used for a base and a top coat which is convenient. I then picked up a black nail polish called 'Pitch black' which I don't really need to explain shade wise... I just wanted to have a black nail polish, it felt needed. The last nail polish is a very cute light lilac colour called ' lush lilac' the inner girly girl in me had to owe this, it looks so cute and I like the idea of wearing it in winter.

I also picked up 2 Apocolips up, One I ordered online for £3-4 which is a bargin and it's in the shade 500 'Luna' It's a very peachy shade and although I don't think i work it as well as I'd like I still love the colour. I'll make it work somehow. The other Apocolips I picked up was in boots and from the new Matte range. IT's an absolutely beautiful berry picky shade called 'Meteoric Matte' and I straight up love it. This will most likely be my go to winter lip.

And those are my buys from the past month or so, not too bad I'd say. I'm budgeting myself well And I've already got most of my Christmas presents for people bought. On a Roll.

We'll talk soon lovelies!
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Much love guys!

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