Thursday, 6 November 2014

First Year Uni Goals.

So hi...

Another Student/ Uni related post today but what can I say, Becoming a uni student and moving city is a big change to my life, so it's effected my blog as a result ( Especially in the lack of posting, sorry guys!)

So here are a few goals or aims I've set myself for the academic year, some of them are more relevant to the starting point of uni as I felt like I've achieved them or have very closely achieved them  anyway!

-Make Friends

-Allow myself some me time.

-Attend 100% of lectures.

-Read as much as I can.

-Get into a healthier and more manageable routine.

-Eat well and Avoid Take-away's/Fast Food

-Learn to properly budget and plan my finances.

Explore the city and my surroundings as much as possible.

We'll talk soon lovelies!

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Much love guys!

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