Friday, 5 September 2014

September Goals.

So hi...

I feel like this is going to sound very 'typical blogger' but now that I'm well out of high school, I quite like September, after august being my favourite month due to it being my birthday and most often the beginning of cooler weather at the end of august. But September is a nice and cosy month, I love the crisp air that can feel so refreshing and how everyone wears a bolder berry lip with pride!
September this year is a huge and slightly stressful month for me. On the 20th I make the final move to Birmingham, where I'll (hopefully) spend the next three years of my life and I just hope I click with people. Anyway enough rambles, I thought I'd make a little list of things I hope to achieve in September, they are personal and all very uni/ living situation related but enjoy.

1. Successfully move out with minimal forgetfullness- Basically be organised and not leave half my things at home to find out weeks later I reeeaally need them.

2.Eat healthily at Uni - Too many people have warn me of Uni weight gain and I can't afford any of that! I see uni and independent living as a way to completely control my eating habits and really work towards better living and weight loss.

3. Linked with 2 NO TAKEAWAYS - Not only can I really not afford it but I really want to avoid that junk food, I've not decided to completely cut takeaways because I feel like it'll be a common thing for the flat to collectively order but one takeaway for every two weeks is the maximum if not one a month!

4. Make friends - Quite a general one here but I'd really like to make a few good friends within the first few weeks, already chatted to a few people through facebook and found fellow course members, so It's looking like a good start :)

5. Cook my flatmates a meal - Kinda cheesy but I think as well as get along with all my flat mates I'd quite like to cook a group meal, There's 6 of us in one flat, but I think that's a good amount.

6.Learn my way around Birmingham - I hate not knowing where I am, and I think the quicker I can learn the bus routes and my way around the city ( or at least the city centre and around my uni/halls) I'll feel a lot more safe and at home.

That's Really the main ones, there's loads of other little things but these 6 are my top priorities! I really am getting quite excited for uni now but at the same time the realization that I'll also be leaving so many people behind makes me feel kinda sad.

What are you're goals for the month of September? You moving to uni or a new place?

We'll talk soon lovelies!
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  1. Good luck at uni! Birmingham is a great city and the city centre is pretty easily to get around :) xx