Monday, 1 September 2014

Personal reading challenge: August Results

So Hi...

This month wasn't really a great month for me in terms of reading, I pretty much got hardly any done.
out of the 6 shortish books I chose from the unfortunate series of events series, I only got the first two books read, shameful. I just had a pretty busy month and spent a lot of it out the house and doing things, a lot of the time I was also a little too tired to read when I got home.

If I'm honest I don't plan to set any certain books to read for September, I'll definitely finish reading the last 4 books from August but with me moving to a new place for uni, a big new city, I feel like reading will be the last thing on my mind and if I am reading it'll be textbooks and uni work, which I don't think you guys will care too much to know about. I'll definitely make sure to read a book a month at the bare minimum and when I settle into uni life I might start up this little challenge again.

How did you read anything particularly interesting this month?

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