Sunday, 15 June 2014

Payday haul!

So hi...
The end of may gave me a rather decent payday due to lots of events and Luton down going up in the league and being busy. This meant I finally had a chance to pick myself up some summer clothes, which I have been desperate for! especially for some new dresses, I managed to pick up quite a few bits and the day itself was lovely as after shopping me and Ross went to see the new X-Men film and had a lovely carvery afterwards, it was great. Anyway back onto the bits I picked up! 

 So firstly thought I would go through the bottoms I got, the three shorts are all from primark, with the mint green and purple shorts priced at £5 which is pretty good as they fit comfortably and look nice.
The striped pair were slightly higher at £7 but still very worth it, they are also slightly longer than the others, which are almost like short shorts, which some people may not feel comfortable with.
The jeggings I collected from Select, I'm wholly converted to jeggings, I hardly wear jeans and jeggings are just the perfect bottom for me, these ones were about £12 and has lovely lace detailing on the pockets.
 When I headed out for my day of shopping I made an little objective to buy at least two dresses and i'm proud to say that objective was met! The Aztec dress was from Primark at a bargain of £5, it's pretty, perfectly summery and the colours are not neon bright which is a trend i'm not keen on for clothing in summer.
The second dress was from select ( can you tell what shops are my favourite?) and i absolutely love this dress, it sits gorgeously and I could easily dress it either up or down for day or night time wear, and the lace detailing on the front trim of the dress is just amazingly cute, I think this was £14.

Made a visit to Superdrug on my travels ( hoe surprising) And picked up these three products.
The Rimmel Kate Moss Lasting Colour Lipsticks were on offer at £3.99 and as I love my matte kate moss lipstick how could I refuse, I picked up the gorgeous red shade 01, Despite my lipstick collection already 80% shades of red. I just couldn't risk and it was definitely a good call as I love it.
Next is another MUA nail varnish, in the shade bold blue this is a perfect colour for summer and I already have this on my nails as I type!
Last but not least was yet another can of Dry shampoo, I picked up Bastiste in a cherry scent, which I thought would be rather interesting to try as I usually go for the safe option of floral.

And that was that, a good few purchases to keep me satisfied... until next payday that is!
Get any nice summer buys recently?

We'll talk soon lovelies!
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  1. I had to pick up some of the red Kate Lipsticks too at 3.99!! All my lipsticks are bright reds and fushia pinks really need to try out more colours haha
    New follower on Blogluvin
    Carrieanne xx