Saturday, 24 May 2014

The Knee High Sock Obsessed

So hi...

Todays post is going to be a little different than normal in that it's not gonna be a 'beauty' related post but rather a fashion/ My style post. I always consider OOTD posts and outfit idea posts often but as someone who is not the slimmest lady, I'm always self conscious of my body and why full body photos will turn out but I've thought baby steps. Every now and again I'll decide to post a personal style post if I feel confident enough or I just generally want to.

Now with last year knee high socks has become quite a thing and this made me very happy as I think it's such a chic yet adorable trend, I also have gathered quite the collection of knee high and a few thigh high socks and thought I would show off a few of my collection, just simply with an outfit I wear most with the knee high sock trend.
My best friend Ross was kind enough to take these photos for me, please excuse the awkwardness, I'm partially camera shy but as I've said I'm really interested in posting personal style posts.

 This first pair is quite possibly my favourite, Complete with frilly lining of the top, they are incredibly cute and sometime just what I need when I'm having a bad day and wanna feel better

 And from the best pair straight to the worst, These socks are something else. bought for me as a present when they not on they look like something you could work with, but as a rather short person these things can cover my whole leg, which isn't the best look. these are the socks I want to enjoy and love but it just isn't possible.
 One of the smaller pairs of socks these ones make me think of a school girl look, they have silky bows attached to the sides and are pretty comfy. They remind me of high school, although I was much more the tom boy kinda girl, I think I would have worn the whole knee high socks look otherwise.
 Okay so you may think these are a bit of a weird pair, yes they are socks with little hearts on and yes I have proudly worn them in public, these socks are the softest and coziest of the lot and I have no shame in saying I absolutely love them
Last pair I'm showing are these fluffy white ones, possibly even more school girl looking than the grey pair but another pair I love, they are plain so go with most outfits, I also have a few pairs of socks like these in just plain black.

And there you have it, my rather odd collection of long socks, What do you think of this trend? I know some people absolutely hate it but me, I'm a lover.

We'll talk soon lovelies!
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