Thursday, 27 February 2014

London and Half Term Haul!

So Hi..

I did a post recently that I visited London with my best friend, Ross and our adventures and the retail therapy that we both participated in. I thought I should definitely do a little haul to show you all what I bought! Most of the products were things I've wanted to try for a while and sort of went 'what the heck' and took them merrily to the till.

Firstly I took a trip to Primark in my town the Sunday before London to check out the new beauty collection they have released called Ps. Beauty.
Honestly I was kind of gutted as I didn't spot many things but I presume that's down to the rather small Primark in my town, maybe I should have waited to look in the London oxford street primark but alas. I did pick up three bits. One was simply just 2 eyeliner pencils as my black ones are a bit on the short side and for £1.50 why not?
 I also picked up two moisturising lip crayons, One in a bright red colour and the other in a rather natural nude colour, these are nice for lazy days where I don't want to worry about lipstick too much.

While in london I also visited Sugerdrug, What can I say it's my favourite store for relatively cheap make-up. I found the MUA section... Oh it was so much bigger and stocked full of goodies!
I couldn't help but pick up two more nail polishes and can you blame me? these two are just beautiful. the pale mint green is call 'Pistachio Ice cream' and the gorgeous pinky colour is 'Bright Coral' I've already had both these colours on my nails and absolutely love them, I think they will be perfect in the warmer months.
Now call me a make-up Noob ( which I really am) but I do not own or use lip liners all that often, I just didn't really think about it, However recently I've been wanting to get a slicker, neater feel from my lipstick and decided to try these two MUA lip liners to cover my red lipsticks and I've pleased to report that I an converted, I felt the lipstick looks much much cleaner with a no bleeding throughout the day and I am definitely wanting to get a few more lip liners
This next buy has been delayed for a long time. I picked up the Maybelline Superstay Better Skin foundation as I had read some good reviews about it and It just honestly peeked my interest when I had seen it in store, So I finally just went for it and picked it up in london, I'm really loving in at the moment and it's currently my everyday foundation.
Of course, I just couldn't help but pick up yet another MUA lipstick while I was there, I love this more neutral pinky colour, I've been wanting a wider range of neutral colours recently as my lip collection is full of cold bright reds and this just fit the bill, It's a pale brown tones pink but looks gorgeous on, Very my lips but better.
I also picked up this much paler baby pink which I also adore! I had worried it would wash me out but it doesn't and I love it
After seeing a few reviews I was set on trying out the L'Oreal Miss manga mascara and although i love the package and name, even the brush I am gutted to say it didn't seem to work amazingly on my lashes, Maybe it's just me as it's looked amazing on other people just not me, i still do like it as it's a good product, just not the 'manga eyes' i was expecting

Now I didn't actually but this as I got this from my mother but thought I would include it any way, It's waterproof as well which is a bonus and I'm eager to test that claim

And that's all folks, Quite a few bits that should.. I say SHOULD keep me satisfied for a while, I bought some non make-up bits as well but that's for another post!

We'll talk soon lovelies!
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Much love guys!

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