Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Superdrug Beauty Haul

So hi...

So I've been in major need of a few make-up bits for a while now but have just kept putting off visiting superdrug to buy some due to wanting to save money or just not having the time or just straight up laziness. But my concealer was basically empty and I was dying for some new bits. SO I went and made a little order on Superdrug, and may have picked up a few more things than I had planned to.... Whoops.

So my original plan was that I wanted a new concealer, Preferably collections lasting perfection one as it was always out of stock when I had gone in store the last few visits so I thought as an online order I had to get it. I had also planned to pick up a blending sponge as I've never tried them and lastly on my list was to browse a new foundation to try. I've been getting bored of my current one and wanted to try something new. but I ended up getting those things and a few extras. by accident of course.

Makeup Revolution:Antibacterial Brush Cleaner.
This was the first addition to my basket. I'm super bad with washing my brushes, it's probably the chore I hate most when it comes to make-up, so when I saw this I was immediately interested in the potential of a way to make cleaning my make-up brushes easier. I'm actually looking forward to cleaning my brushes just to try this baby out. yay to being lazy!

Makeup Revolution: Fortune favours the brave palette.
I'm a sucker for pretty looking packages and make up, this one is definitely a because it looked super pretty purchases. I've actually been really feeling trying out different eye shadow combinations and stuff recently as well and these colours are so damn gorgeous.

Makeup Revolution: Ultra Sculpt & Blend Brush Collection.
As I mentioned before, I was looking to get a blending sponge, and I noticed this little set and thought I could do with some new brushes as well. It's like a perfect little set for the whole face!

Wake Me Up Foundation: in Light Porcelain.
Now I actually have this foundation already, but it was in the wrong shade, way too dark. I actually quite liked the formula of it, so I thought I would try it again in my actual shade.

MUA Luxe Strobe & Glow Highlight kit.
A bit of an unsure purchase here, just to encourage myself to use highlight more, the look of this product is also super nice.

MUA eyebrow pen: in blonde.
I'm not actually that big when it comes to eyebrows, I only got mine plucked at the end of last year for the first time, I just never had ant issues with my eyebrows, I think they are alright, or I did. I've now started wanting to tame and shape my brows a little more, so an eyebrow pencil would be good.

MUA Hide and conceal Concealer: in Fair.
This is more a re-buy, I've been using this while I haven't been able to get hold of collection lasting perfection concealer, It's a good'un and conceals all my face nasties well.

MUA cover and conceal wand: in Fair.
Another concealer, I went a little crazy I know. This is just another one to try out, It was pretty cheap and it doesn't hurt to try out new things right?

Collection lasting perfection concealer: in fair.
And here it is. My favourite concealer, following a common trend among bloggers, but I really can't help it. It's a damn good product that does it's job well, what can I say.

Collection lasting colour lipstick: in fig delight.
Because if anything I definitely needed more red/cherry toned lipsticks in my life right. OF COURSE. This beaut from collection is a lovely brown toned colour and it makes me feel super sophisticated and classy.

MUA Luxe whipped velvet lips: in Majestic.
Whoops, another actual red colour? well damn. that must have just slipped in there, it would be a shame not to make use of it now right? right.

Rimmel Kate Lipstick Nude collection: In 42.
I've never been a nude lipstick person, I usually stick with reds or dark purple colours, I always think that nudes would just make me look pasty and washed out but I've had a nude pink colour before and thought I would give this nude colour a try, It seems like the perfect pinky brown nude, and actually looks pretty close to my actual lip colour which is cool.

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