Friday, 25 March 2016

That Weight Game.

So hi...
I've mentioned it many times but one thing that extremely hinders my self esteem, confidence and basically all aspects of my life is my weight. It's something that has always worried me, like I feel it does with a huge number of people.
It really changes a lot, but recently I'm just felt worse about it and it's getting to a point where I kinda feel a little sick looking at myself in the mirror. yep.
So to combat this I'm going to get on my exercise game, and stop the takeaways... Dominoes is so good and my flatmates are so convincing!

I'm starting swimming with two of my course mates, swimming is my favourite exercise or general thing to do, I just love the water, but in my hometown there isn't a nearby pool anymore.
Birmingham is different however and I'm hoping to go once a week minimum.
Along with that, is Gyming it. I'm lucky enough to have a Gym about 1 minute's walk away from my flat and me and my flatmate have agreed to sign up together and go with the off-peak membership.
It's good because we both prefer exercising late at night and can help to encourage each other and make sure we both go. I'm wanting to do to the gym 3/4 times a week.
I'll be signing up in April when my student finance comes through but I'm actually really looking forward to it.
Then there's the eating, in terms of general meals I'm quite good, I prefer to cook for myself and rarely have ready meals. My weakness really is snacks and mindless eating. I'm definitely a boredom eater and when I'm casually at my desk or bored I'll eat or go make something.
Honestly this really shouldn't be the case, considering I have loads of things I always want to do, I'm just bad at being productive and get distracted and bored easily.
I'll probably write a progress post towards the beginning of summer, around June maybe?
where I'll hopefully be super happy about how well I'm doing, but we'll see.

Any health and fitness goals you've set yourself or recently achieved?
Let me know down in the comments below!

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Much love guys!

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