Friday, 7 August 2015

10 healthy (ish) Lunches

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Second of the foodie posts! This time it's 10 lunches I enjoy, and again they are healthyish, as there are exception because I like not so healthy food, but I think that's pretty normal so it's cool.

1. Smokey Red lentil soup- This is my best soup ever. Me and my mum made this a while back and we wondered what made it so smokey and realized it was from using smoked paprika and I'm so glad we did, it's the perfect lunch with some super fresh bread. Yum.

2. Rivita with chili cheese & ham with salad- This is a lighter lunch and one I had many a time between uni lectures, Recently I've been using sweet chili philly instead of the actual chili cheese but it's still just as good. ( you may have noticed I included this in the breakfasts post with poached egg instead, but ya know, it's good stuff.

3. Ham salad sandwich- Super simple one but some good ham slices with lettuce and any other salad choices and a blob of mayo, so fresh tasting and easy to make.

4.Baked potato and Filling- This can be made healthier or unhealthy with what fillings you use, It's quite nice with some tuna mayo for lunch, I personally think cheese and beans is more a dinner thing.

5. Cheese on toast- Super unhealthy but some times there's nothing better than some good old cheese on toast and a splash of tomato sauce.

6. Egg & chicken Sweet chili salad- Best salad I ever made was a salad with spinach fried onions tomatoes and lettuce with garlic and herb sauce then topped with egg and chicken with sweet chili dressing, the dressing isn't too bad but not great either. I love them though.

7. Scrambled egg mixed with spinach & salmon- This is a super health lunch, you could also swap what you have, so maybe ham slices instead of salmon or add avocado as well, but scrambled egg is lush and spinach makes it all that much better.

8.Fill it your way wrap- Wraps are pretty damn good. and often easy to make, for lunches I tend to not have anything hot in a wrap except maybe warm up some chicken, but often will have salad with a bit of mayo then ham or chicken or turkey and mix a little bbq sauce, the mix of health crunchy from the salad with the naughty taste of bbq sauce is heavenly.

9. Tuna & sweet corn pasta- Super simple, super filling. Yum Tuna with a little mayo and a load of sweetcorn mixed in with freshly cooked pasta. not much else to say really. it's a good'un.

10. Fruit Bowl- Another lighter lunch and easily could be breakfast as well, but a big bowl of your favourite fruits with a little yogurt is lovely and fresh, you could also sprinkle a few nuts or a little granola of top for extra crunch.

What are your favourite lunches to enjoy?
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