Wednesday, 15 July 2015

30 day drawing challenge.

So hi...

When I was in high school I drew a lot! probably bad as it was during classes or form time, but it meant I got a lot of practice in, and this continued quite a bit into college as well, but I've all but stopped drawing now and it's rather upsetting, I miss it but I just don't know what to draw anymore. So to combat this I decided to gave myself a 30 day challenge. That is to draw daily with themes I've made to inspire me each day.
I'll probably be starting at the beginning of august so it's nicely in time with the month, though I'm also wanting to get started. I'll be posting my daily drawing to DeviantArt Once They are done probably the day after so I can upload it. I have been considering learning digital rt as well as I do own a drawing tablet. Anyway as further motivation for me I've decided to share the themes and this plan with you all as I kinda can't escape it then,
Old drawings One digital one pencil:

30 Day Themes!
Day 1 Myself
Day 2 My friends
Day 3 Scenery
Day 4 Anatomy
Day 5 Flowers
Day 6 Backgrounds
Day 7 Yoko Tattoo (Personal tattoo design)
Day 8 Guardians
Day 9 Fashion
Day 10 Seasons
Day 11 Nights Out
Day 12 Tokyo Ghoul (Anime)
Day 13 Adventure
Day 14 Vocaloid
Day 15 Love
Day 16 Sketches
Day 17 Animals
Day 18 Realistic drawings
Day 19 Colours
Day 20 In the Rain
Day 21 Angels
Day 22 Attention to details
Day 23 Getting fit
Day 24 Demons
Day 25 Summer Memories
Day 26 Intellect
Day 27 Technology
Day 28 Gods
Day 29 My favourite
Day 30 Self Portrait

And those are the different themes I've chosen, I may chose to do these 30 days on page and then once I start feeling more confident with my art and drawing abilities I may do another little 30 day challenge using my tablet.

Do you have any challenges you set yourself to build your confidence in a hobby?
Let me know down in the comments below!

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Much love guys!

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