Sunday, 24 May 2015

Urban Decay Summer Launches Event.

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Last Sunday I was lucky enough to attend a bloggers event at the urban decay counter in Selfridges, Birmingham. The event was to show off the new products that Urban decay has released as apart of their summer collection. It was a small event with Kirsty, who works at the counter hosting, which she did immensely well with. Now I suppose I should get n with telling you all about the products.

 The First Products we were showed were The new Revolution lip gloss collection, with 14 shades in the whole collection. Now I'll be honest here, I'm not a lip gloss kinda girl. I find most the time the colour to be weak and the texture of stickyness uncomfortable on my lips, I do however own an odd few with passed the test. These definitely feel like they could pass the test as well, Firstly the colours are amazingly sharp and bright, the coour in the bottle is what you'll be getting on your lips which is a super big plus for me. I also like the choice in the collection, if you had the whole collection I doubt you'd need many more lip gloss choices if you life as it has all the base colours you could want from peachy nude right through to a range of purples. They are £15 each, pretty good price, even for a pauper like me. Quite interested in getting the bright orange and bright purple colours.
In the madness of everyone trying to swatch and test out the products I managed to grab a few from some swatches, just to show what I mean when I said the colours are strong and as vivid as in the packaging.
 Kinky// Liar// Failbait// Savage//Scandal// Quiver// Assassin//Punch Drunk // 69// Brickhouse// Bittersweet// Vice// Acopolyse// Big Bang

The next Product were shown was The Vault. This was one hell of a box set.

 Now you probably remember the Vault set which contained basically everything you could want from urban decay. This new set is Exclusive to the Urban Decay in Selfridges Birmingham and is all about the lips. With 10 lip liners accompanied by 10 matching Lipsticks it's quite the dream.
It's got a price tag of £180, But is worth over £300, so it's a pretty damn good bargain. I'm tempted myself to get it, since ya know, lips are my thaang when it comes to make up.

The last product we were allowed to swatches and get our hands on was the new range of single Blushers released. The Afterglow 8-hour powder blush. Retailing at £19 each and with a wide range of colours from bright pinks and purple to the more subtle peachy colours. There are 12 shades in the collection in total.

 I tried to get swatches of all 12 shades to show the colour pay out with one swipe on my arm, It's definitely a nice range of different colours, I found the purple really interesting, a novice like me could never make purple blush look good, I'm sure many other people do though.

After we were allowed to wander the counter generally and snap away at the pretty arrangement of the products.

Many of the other girls bought a few things, which my poor self couldn't do unfortunately. I did get a little tester of their foundation as I'm looking to invest in a really good foundation for myself. After everyone had finished looking round we were given a little goody bag of testers and all parted ways. It was a really enjoyable event, Kirsty really made it feel comfortable and enjoyable.

Have you bought or seen the new Summer collection products from Urban Decay yet?
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