Monday, 25 May 2015

Mason Jars: Perfect Cocktail Presenters

So hi...

I think it's quite a given that everyone likes the idea of BBQs on a hot Summer's day. But a perfect accompaniment to that is fruity and colourful cocktails present in cute little jars. I've got 3 such mason jars recently, all from pound shops as well. Now they all mismatch as I was looking for the pink one and bought the other two before it as a sort of make-up to myself for not having the one I wanted. But they are all pretty cute. The blue has the best straw and lid, but I wish the blue was more transparent so you  could see the colour of the drink inside.

I've always loved these little jars, So many people seem to have them and they just seem to make any drink look that little more presentable and fancy. I'm hoping to actually collect a few of each of these style of mason jars, and make different little cocktails in them for summer. I have quite a big garden so it would be quite nice to try to organize a BBQ some time this year.

Do you like presenting your cocktails in fancy jars or glasses for parties/ gatherings?
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