Saturday, 23 May 2015

Notebook Organization!

So hi...

Similar to my obsessed with lists is my need for notebooks, I like having a notebook for everything.. As you can see I currently have 5 notebooks in use 6 if you count the one I don't have with me at uni. Anyway I love notebooks and trying to be organized though sometimes that fails. So I thought I'd go through what I use each note book for to keep me on track and motivated in all aspects of life.
So I'll start with the red book, this is my brainstorm book, When I have random thought for posts, or anything really, I write it down in here. it's a pretty messy book but it's essentail for me to clear out my mind and not forget my ideas and thoughts. I also write a few blog post lists out on here before typing them up. As well as non blogger related things such as youtube ideas, gaming posts and plans for cosplay. It's really just my mind dump. Next is the muti coloured patterned book. I've had this one since 2013, It's my most private book, It has my hopes and goals in it, as well as important details that I need to remember, like for last year before I started uni I wrote a load of details about the course and accommodation etc, just so I could look back on them and know whats going on. I also have cooking recipes at the back of it, though I'm planning to get a notebook just for my recipes. It's a pretty random loads of things but It's probably one of the mostimportant as it has so many personal notes for me.
The Last 3 notebooks you may have noticed are all diaries, but they do att have different uses I promise! The Burgundy one is a general used one, I note down important events I have on days and a general to do list each night for the next day, It's super helpful to plan out my day and i've myself some structure, especially now that summer holiday is here and I have nothing to do, setting little goals and a to do list will keep me moving.
The animals print diary is an actual diary, I write about my day in the 4/5 line space, so i can look back at the year, as well as a way to organize my scrapbook so I don't miss any important days of events, I can look through this diary.
The front little diary is my blogging diary. It's where I plan each week what posts I'm going to write and put up. It's been so useful over May with me posting everyday, I already have the whole month of posts written down for when I want them to be put up. So usually after I read through my brainstorm notebooks I can pick ideas I like enough to make into a post and then Schedule them down with this little wonder.
And Just to let you know what my last notebook at home contains, It's a rather new one but It's all about gaming plans and ideas as well as dress making notes, for both general clothes making as I want to become pretty good at it and for my cosplays.

And that's how I attempt to keep myself from becoming a lazy unorganized mess of a person, with the help of 5/6 notebooks. Probably a little excessive but it works for me.
Do you use notebooks to help you through the days?
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