Monday, 4 May 2015

Duran-Duran Exhibition event.

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About 2 weeks back I was lucky enough to be invited to a Duran Duran 'Careless Moments' Exhibition of Photographer Denis O’Regan, who spent time on the road with Duran Duran in the ‘80s, as well as a few other famous names such as pink floyd and Queen.
I was incredibly surprised and excited to be invited by East Village Pr and also decided to bring a plus one, who was Sophie my flat mate as she's a huge huge Duran duran fan and I thought it rude not to invite her, she might have killed me!

The event was at the Malbar on the first floor of the mailbox and it was super fancy looking, really pretty looking place, though I couldn't hep but feel a bit out of place as myself and Sophie were definitely the youngest people in there, for a while we just relaxed and had the free champagne before Sophie started chatting to a lady who told us there was a room displaying the exhibition, We decided to try a Duranduran themed Cocktail before having a little peak.

The photos and book that were on display were all gorgeously laid out, it was also incredibly interesting to see all these photos of the past, it made me want to experience one of those performance with the screaming girls and all. The book also came with white gloves that people needed to where in order to look through, it's like it was a precious bible of duranduran's memories. 

There was also a special guest! Who was Roger Taylor himself from the band!! Sophie was super excited about this and I couldn't help but also feel a little star struck, Sophie purchased a print and we were able to get into the book signing room where both Denis and Roger signed her print and we both got photos, I love how Denis decided to photo bomb mine. 

We had a little chat with Roger before we had to leave to catch the train but it was an amazing evening that I think we both really enjoyed!
I'm incredibly grateful to eastvillagePR for considering to invite me!

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Much love guys!

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