Saturday, 21 March 2015

The Whole Make-up Collection: Eye-shadows

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Part 2 of my whole make-up collection mini-series and this week I'm bringing you eye-shadows! I quite like my eye shadows, Palettes to pretty up a look are my thaang. I don't have too many though as I'm so indecisive when I look at eye-shadows and end up worrying and buying nothing, it's strange I know. 

 So First These 4 palettes are the ones that sit on top of my sink area in plain sight as they are the every day palettes I grab for. I feel like most beauty bloggers recognize the back two. The ever famous naked palettes. I own the naked palette 2 and 3, One day I'll own the 1st palette as well. The front right palette is from Ps. beauty and is probably the least used, It's lovely and has more grey neutral colours compared to the naked palettes. And lastly on the front left is my Sleek I-divine Storm palette. This one is super pigmented and most the colours are sparkly, I use this palette for nights out most and it's sparkly and bright colours.
 now are the palettes, trios and singles that sit in my little box along with the everyday palettes boxes, I don't like to throw them out.
 First up is the remaining palletes. The Blue toned top left one is unbranded and bought for me so I can't actually tell you much about  it but I used to use it a lot for a super smokey eye with a blue tint. The huge Palette is from BC and is great for theme parties and a bright coloured eyes as it has so many shades. The top left is From Make-up Revolution and as you can see it super bright. It's not as bright in swatches but still scary looking, you can probably guess I used this rarely but like to experiment and test my boundaries with it. And lastly is this little quad from No.7 I really like this palette and it makes a gorgeous sophisticated brown smokey eye that makes me feel very adult and sensual.
And here's the Trios and single eye-shadows. The small trios are once again an unbranded product that my mum bought for me so I have no idea where she got them from. I like them but they are all rather odd colours, or is that just me. I'm sure you can read but the other three are all from MUA, The pinky toned palette is gorgeous for a light cute look with natural looking make-up. The other two shades of green I bought this the Poison Ivy make-up look I've done before (read here)

That's all folks! I did say I didn't have a super big collection, I'm sure some beauty bloggers could go on for days about their collections but maybe one day I'll reach that peak.

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