Saturday, 11 April 2015

My Spring Essential Accessories.

So Hi...

With Spring quite upon us and Summer soon to follow, I thought I would put together a few of the accessories which will always be within reach during these warmer (we hope) months.

 So a few small beauty products first. For the bolder feeling days where nothing but a red lip will do I've picked my Nars lip crayon, I've been addicted to using it since getting it from Paris! Second Is my favourite nude 'my lips but better' Colour is ... from collection. I really love collection, I have a few of their products outside of the 'holy grail' lasting perfection concealer and they are all affordable and good quality! maybe I'll do a look from their products in the future! LAst is a peachy orange colour from Miss sporty, which although i'm really not fond of the brand I love the colour of this and the smell, it sounds odd but this lipstick smells really nice as you're applying it. As well as lips I've included a nail varnish, This is a similar shade to the orange/peach lipstick and is in the shade 'peachy keen' from MUA.
 Next are what I suppose you'd call the fashion accessories. First and necessary! Sunglasses. These ones are currently my favourite pair as I love the Cat eye and I actually got them out of a magazine a while back, bargain. I want to greatly expand my collection soon however. For necklaces I've picked out my three current favurites, The bottom flower statement is from Asda funnily enough and is something I think will really bring together a pretty spring or summer outfit. The Camera necklace is something I've recently talked about here. it's a simplistic necklace that goes with anything and fits my personality so perfectly. The last teardrop necklace is something I've rediscovered. It's a necklace I've had since forever, s I have no clue when I got it or from where but I recently wore it and loved it, It felt very summer and made me feel quite the cool girl if I do say so myself, so in summer i'm gonna whip it out a bit more!
Now for the more practical items. First are these skullcandy headphones that my sister gave to me. I love these as they are prefect for drowning out background noise without actually sounding all that loud to other people. Its also the perfect size that my head doesn't feel like it's being crushed and i get a head ache which is what most over the head earphones tend to do. And a rather basic, face wipes, Judge away I've mentioned many times my love for the convenience of these. I tend to keep a pack in my bag for more than just my face but anything, I basically use them like baby wipes in summer.

And that's most of the items I think i'll be reaching for this Spring/Summer time.

What are your spring/summer essentials? let me know down below!

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Much love guys!

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