Saturday, 7 February 2015

Ps beauty Make up look.

So hi.

So you may already know, primark has a beauty range, Ps. beauty, which is ever expanding, they have a few things I actually want to try out since it's so cheap. Anyhow, as apart of my christmas stocking which my mum loves doing for me and my sisters ( Even though I'm the youngest at 19) but I got a few pieces of make-up, and I thought it would be cool to do a make-up look just of the range, Except from the base however as I don't know if they have anything for the base yet? (anyone know?) But this was a look I put together using a eye-shadow palette, a lipstick, eyebrow pencil and liquid eyeliner.

You may noticed how awful the condition of the eye-shadow palette, this was because when I bought it I was in a rush so quickly picked it up and sadly, one of the shadows was badly cracked, to the point it's barely there, which is unfortunate but I'll learn from that mistake so.
What do you think of the look, I actually quite like the range, I've written about the eyeliner before (here, please excuse the awful photo quality etc) and wasn't that fond of it but I have to say at the moment I'm loving it, It's my everyday liner at the moment as my collection and L'Oreal favourites are a little bit dried out and it's easy for me to work with and I love it.

Have you tried any of Primark's Ps.Beauty collection? Any suggestions for me?
We'll talk soon lovelies!

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