Sunday, 14 December 2014

Make up Revolution Haul & opinions

So hi...

 This is quite a delayed post if I'm honest, I've had these products for quite a while now, but I can definitely give quite an honest and detailed opinion of the products as I've had time to properly test them out.

So Make-up Revolution, No words need to be said about this company as they are everywhere! They've even got a spot next to MUA in my local superdrug now. I got  these online before they got that spot however.

So the first thing I'll talk about is their lipsticks, I bought all 5 of their very bright range 'Scandalous' If I'm honest I don't know if I'll wear all of these, I'll definitely brave the Orange, Pinky colour and the Purple, However I'm unsure about the yellow and blue, I still like having the whole collection together. The quality of the lipsticks are lovely and they last quite well, Very worth the price. The whole set was in a deal for £4. I also bought the '100% vamp' Lipstick from their Vamp collection and I love it, It's definitely a 'vampy' colour but I feel I'll definitely use it in the winter and for nights out, I love it.

Next I clicked this super bright eyeshadow palette into my basket, I chose this as the experimenter in me thought I could definitely use a load of the colour for some really interesting looks, I had Halloween in mind for it as well, The pigmentation is rather good, I have to say the Grey colour was disappointing, You can't even tell it's on my arm in the photo above, but I have plenty of grey eye shadows so I'll live.

Lastly I picked up a foundation ' The Matte Effect' Foundation, I always like trying out new foundation but they tend to be so expensive for something that I might not even like. I had heard good things about this foundation and it was soooo cheap (£4 I think?) It's not a bad foundation for the price really, but definitely one for the very good skin days as it doesn't give huge coverage, But I do like to use it when I 'm feeling too lazy for full make-up as well as it gives a nice look.

And that's everything I got.

Any Makeup Revolution recommendations?

We'll talk soon lovelies!
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