Tuesday, 4 February 2014

January Favourites!

So Hi..

Post is a bit delayed! meant to post this for Sunday but had food poisoning unfortunately but anyway...

I thought I would attempt monthly favourite posts and we'll see how it goes! It'll be a general favourites, i'll include any books films food fashion and beauty items I've loved that month!

So lets get started.

Yankee Candles.
Yankee candles have been a big favourite this month as I have really gotten back into burning the candles I have most nights, My favourite is the fireside treats candle I received for Christmas. It's the most amazing smell ever so sweet and it burns really well and my room softly smells like the candle even the next day after burning. I also really like the pink dragon fruit yankee candle.

Batiste Dry Shampoo.

I just recently bought a bigger can of this dry shampoo as I think it just works very well and for those early starts and being rather tired and ill the last few weeks batiste dry shampoo has honestly been my savior in making me look more alive than I have actual felt. This one is called 'Floral and Flirty Blush' saucy eh?

Soap and Glory: Peaches and clean.

I bought this in the Yule Monty gift set that I picked up before Christmas for £30 down from £60 in boots and this has been great in helping to clear up my skin as the cold wet and gloomy English weather was really effecting my skin conditions and giving me a lot of break out troubles and this has really helped! it feels cleansing on my skin and has a gorgeous slight peach scent to it.

Soap and Glory: The Righteous butter.

Another S&G product from the same set, I just love this as it smells lovely as do most of the S&G products quite honestly and it's great at moisturizing my skin and sinking into the skin rather quickly so I'm not left standing around waiting to get dressed and get on with my life.

Apocalips: Across the universe.
(excuse my naked face. I've been ill and my skin has suffered)
After an unsure start with the apocalips products as I was unsure weather I preferred lip lacquers to my lipsticks, I quickly fell in love with them once I gave them a chance, Across the universe is a gorgeous deep red shade and I now keep it in my bag always and the last week at least if not longer I have had this on me smoochers and have loved it.

Breaking Bad.

Now I may be rather behind on this series as I'm aware it has already finished and many people had already jumped on the bandwagon and been left heartbroken after it's ending but as someone that already has many tv shows to catch up on and regularly watch... I decided to wait a while before starting this series. so far I have really loved it, I did feel the first season was rather slow, though I understand it was to build up background detail. I thoroughly enjoyed the last two episodes of season 1 and look forward to continuing watching this unique and interesting show.


Rather than just one song there's a few I've really enjoyed listening to this month so I'll list a few and feel free to give them a listen.
Kodaline- All I want
Rihanna feat mikky- stay
Lorde- Royals
Arctic Monkeys- AM Album
       -Especially 'Do I wanna know'
Swedish House Mafia- Don't you worry child
One Republic- Counting stars

Tartan Satchel.

I got this as a present for Christmas and I cannot explain how much I love it. I have a bit of an obsession for satchels and honestly would gladly own 100 of the beauties, Sadly I don't have the money for that but I also really loved the tartan trends that were very prominent during the winter months. So this bag was absolutely beautiful. It's now the bag I use for college and a lot of other outings though I do try and give it a break and I would be devastated if it broke anymore anytime soon. (you may notice a golden ball is missing off one strap, came off the first day I used it)

Polka Dot shirts.
I have developed a very recent obsession with polka dot shirts recently also, I just love how sweet and cute they look and own a black shirt with white polka dots as well as a white shirt with black polka dots, and they are some of my favourite clothing pieces in my wardrobe currently. I'm also very in love with the heart rather than dots on clothing and have been restraining myself from spending all my money on these cute patterns on dress, shirts anything I can find. I need help I tell ya.

Statement necklace.

I picked this piece up from primark before Christmas as well and I absolutely love it, It's such a bold statement necklace that quickly adds a little edge and detail to an outfit and I have worn in quite a lot through out January both with evening outfits and for casual days out. It's a simple beauty.

The Body Shop: Mango Body Mist.
I picked this up with a £3 off voucher from body shop and it's such a gorgeous scent. Not overpowering but just right. I take it around with me all the time and use it whenever i feel necessary or need a refresh. beauty.

And that is pretty much all my favourites for the month of January I could probably list many more but I won't as I'm being strict for my first little monthly favourites!
What were your favourites this month?
Should I check them out myself?

We'll talk soon lovelies!
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Much love guys!

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  1. Great favourites. I love Yankee Candles and I have the Body Shop Mist in Satsuma too.