Tuesday, 28 January 2014

I Got The Chop.

So hi...
This is only a brief little post as I currently am without a camera to put up a more organised and useful post but with payday round the corner for me I hope expenses will allow a new camera!
I also thought I would do this as I have reached the stage where I hate not posting weekly at least! I suppose it's a good thing though.
So! I got the chop, well I cut my hair myself.. I had wanted to do it for a while as my hair wasn't in great condition and the ends felt awful. Despite my little girl dream of having gloriously long hair I feel after cutting it, it was the best move. It also seems to be a common occurrence among beauty bloggers to get the chop I've noticed and I can understand why!
I really love the length and how much lighter and healthier my hair feels. I did not go to the hairdressers, I cut it myself with help from my mother and her thinning scissors. Let me how what you think from the before and after photos!


Also I'm writing this post up on my phone! How exciting eh? Finally got the blogger and bloglovin' app and am a very happy bunny!
The first month of 2014 have been rather good to me and with a lot of plans in February and the excitement of moving away to uni in September I'm positive about the year!
How has everyone else's years been so far?

We'll talk soon lovelies!
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Much love guys!

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