Friday, 10 January 2014

Primark Haul!

So Hi...

I thought I would do a little haul post on all the bits I picked up from Primark with the £50 voucher my best friend got me for Christmas (Thanks Ross!) and so here it is!

 The first items are just beauty related and are rather simple, I loved the shades of the nail varnish set here and thought the British flag nails were pretty quirky, As for the wipes, I always find myself needing them!

The next two items I pick up were shoes, One pair are some flat boots and I am now the proud owner of three gorgeous different styles of boots but I still need for as I'm obsessed and will admit it. and the other pair are a simple navy blue pair of 'converse' look a likes, which are my go to comfy shoes for the lazy just crawled out of bed kinda days

 Next is this rather simple but quite pretty black bag, I bought this with nights out in mind. I realized that I didn't have a plain bag and certainly didn't have a nice black bag to take with me on nights out, so this little beauty was picked up!
 Now for the clothes! This firstly is just a plain beige coloured shirt, I love my shirts as you may well know if you follow any of my social media accounts but I never feel like I have enough, and I thought a plain one would be good so I can experiment with other colours in my outfits.
 This long sleeve top I actually got from the Men's section in primark and I picked it up because it looked cosy and comfortable, and well I just wanted it.
Now this has to be my absolute favourite pick! this top is such a cute little shirt and I just cannot say how much I love it! I usually think cute clothing doesn't tend to suit me but I adore this shirt!

And that's everything! I had about £2 left on the card after this and used it to buy some tights the other day. Hope you've enjoyed this little haul!

We'll talk soon lovelies!
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Much love guys!

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