Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Opps I bought. 1#

So hi..

I thought this would be quite a nice little series type thing to start, since I don't often have much or spare money that I can spend on myself when I do I only buy one or two things, so I thought this would be a nice series for those few cheeky purchases

And for today it's yet ANOTHER redy lipstick, but this one is from the kate moss range by Rimmel and I have been wanting all of these lipsticks from the kate moss range, I have heard nothing but good things and I absolutely adore the packaging! So when I seen them for £4.59 I just had to pick one up. And who could blame me?
The shade I got is 107' and is a gorgeous reddy  plum colour, much more like what I wanted the MUA matte 'Wild berry' shade to look like with a really nice and pretty pigmentation to it.
I am obsessed with the colour and have had in on me lips at every opportunity! I will also definitely be grabbing a few more from the kate moss range!

I also picked up the well loved product in the blogging world... Primarks tartan scarf. It is absolutely gorgeous and when I found one hidden in the back of the scarf section I went straight to the tills. It cost £4 and similarly to the lipstick I haven't stopped using it! it goes well with my coat and clothes and is warm and comfortable!
Now this post was rather late as I had bought these before Christmas but did not have the time to put the post up! but I still thought It would be a nice idea for a series and I am definitely in love with these two items and had to share!

We'll talk soon lovelies!
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Much love guys!

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