Tuesday, 7 January 2014

The Boxing Day Sales: The Fashion Side

So hi...

This is the second part of my boxing day shopping posts! this is all the clothing and things fashion related that I bought!.
I'll apologize at the bad quality of photos, I don't really have a suitable place to photograph clothing and I didn't get time to take photos with me wearing the clothes!  

 This jumper is amazingly comfortable and was actually from the men's section in H&M, it was £19.99 and not actually in the sales but It's lovely!
 This is from the men's section in Topman and I have a red one as well as it was 2 for £12, this was purely for comfort and coziness at home, I could wear it out if I bought bandeau to stop my bra from showing
 Unsurprisingly this is another item from the men's section, from new look, I think it's because I prefer baggy clothing and feel men's clothing often is a lot nicer and more comfortable for lazy looks than women's, I also loved the silly mustache theme on this top, It was £6
 Is top was purely bought because I absolutely love Wolves! I think they are beautiful creatures. This was from new look in the sale section and was only £4!
This was another sale item from new look and I was a little unsure about this one it's just a plain dress but I thought for £5 it would be too bad to not pick it up.

 This is possibly my favourite buy as I love shirts and I bought this from select which is my favourite shop! There is very rarely items I don't like in select, unfortunately I don't remember the price of this
Another simple piece of clothing from select but I really like the leather look sleeves, I feel like it adds a little edge to a simple clothing! I think this was about £6-7
 The last product I picked up was this really girly and pretty top, I thought this was really pretty and a bit different from my plain and rather simple shirts/tops in my wardrobe this was £8

And that's it for all my boxing day shopping I am so happy with all the items I got and it was lovely getting so many new clothing for Christmas as I allowed me to change up my wardrobe which I've felt was need for a while and have slowly been trying to!

We'll talk soon lovelies!
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Much love guys!

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