Friday, 17 January 2014

Things that I love 2#

Things I like 2#
1. Doesn't this crumble look amaaazing? I've said before but I absolutely love home cooking and rhubarb or apple crumble is so nice.

2. I love looking at different houses and how people style their rooms, the blog A Beautiful Mess is great for admiring nice decor this house looks so cosy and cute and interesting.

3.Music! Music just gets me through all my bad days and I really like to quite a variety of music, a few of my favourite bands are Kodaline, Bastille, Arctic Monkeys, Memphis May Fire and Of Mice And Men.

4. Comfy clothes. I recently got a onesie and I am in love. I also have some comfy big joggers I stole from my best friend Ross and some baggy tops. nothing makes me feel more content than being in my cosy clothes relaxing!

5. Doesn't this hot chocolate simply look so warming and tasty? since I'm not a HUGE coffee drinker ( though in preparation of uni I'm learning, I can drink iced frappe's and mocha's now) I'm much fonder of buying a big cup of hot chocolate from Costa with all the tasty extras!

6. This is my cat, fluffy, and she has been with me pretty much since I can remember! I love her to bits and she's always there to cuddle when I'm down or ill!

7. Monster, this is probably very bad as I know too much energy drink is bad but I am definitely addicted to this stuff!

8. Skater skirts, I love these I don't have too many of them but I am definitely hoping to pick up a lot more! these few are simple but adorable.

9. I love these fairy lights, I really want some for my room but I might just wait until I go uni and have some in my room in my dorm room..

10. I really like the idea of wall quotes, but with so many different little phrases and quotes to choose from I just don't know what one I'd want! but this one is a very cute couple one.

We'll talk soon lovelies!
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Much love guys!

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