Tuesday, 16 February 2016

The Winter scarf.

So hi...

It's pretty damn cold right now. like freezing my butt off cold. As such, you gotta get those layers on. I've not had a coat for the last three or four weeks as I left my coat behind when I came back from my home town ( not on purpose of course) and so I've been relying of my trusty Brownman Twitch hoodie and this beauty of a scarf to keep me warm while walking to uni and just bracing the day.

 The scarf is from New Look and was about £15, It's a tartan print as you can see and it's absolutely gorgeous. My previous scarf was from primark in a brighter red tartan print and as much as I still love that one it's not super thick and for someone without a coat it just wasn't warm enough.
This scarf is almost like a blanket scarf and it's huge and I can wrap it around my self like a shawl to keep me extra toasty.
 Another bonus is that it's a reversible scarf, with one side sporting a blue and red tartan print and the other a small monochrome zigzag pattern. Means I can really play around with my outfit and wear the scarf as a more fashion or style piece as well as to keep me warm wrapped around my neck and tucked under my hoodie.
I have recently gotten myself a new coat, I was shocked to find that most places already had swapped out their coats section, like primark had it's bikini's out already??? So I struggled to find one really, I knew I wanted a parka and ended up getting a parka from the primark men's section, it's super oversized and super warm, Not really a coat for style but damn I'll be warm asf when me and my friends are going for late night walks or drives. Maybe I'll have a look for another coat for warmth and style, I'm thinking a blazer style..

What's your favourite scarf this winter?
Let me know down in the comments!

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