Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Beauty: My 'Signature' Look

So hi...

When it comes to make up, if you couldn't tell from the fact I have a blog around it, I'm a pretty big fan, My collection grows and grows and I love to try and get experimental and test my boundaries. But I feel like with most people there is always that reliable look I always go back to and can trust to just work for me. Our 'Signature look' Which is what I'm showing off today.
My sort of signature go to look s pretty simple to be honest, a cat flick is essential. I literally don't feel ready for the day without eye liner, Then for eye shadow I quite like to use the Make-up Revolution GO! palette as I hardly reach for anything else, I like to use the light pink colours then add a little of the dark colour in the corner for a little definition.

The base itself tends to change as I test and try out new concealers and foundations but at the moment it's the Bourjois healthy mix serum (Which I wrote about here).
And then it's Lipstick, And as blogger common as it seems I can't help but have my all time favourite lipstick as Rimmel's Kate moss collection in 107, the perfect mixture of berry red, Suitable for every occasion.
And that just about sums up my go to 'signature look'. It's simple, can be adjusted for different occasions ( although it usually goes with everything) and I have the application down to a quick tee.

What's your personal 'Signature look'?
Let me know in the comments down below!

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