Saturday, 11 July 2015

Life's Unexpected smack in the face.

So hi...

You know when you're feeling super motivated about life and you're really getting into your productive groove and enjoying life and then BAM Life comes round and give you a big smack in the face that brings it all to a halt.

Well that's what happened to me Monday night. I've had such an amazing summer and done so much, I'd just gotten my third job and I was ready to balance earning money and making making memories and adventures with my friends.
This was all put to a bit of a stop when I fell off a skateboard Monday night. I was learning to ride and had actually gotten decently good, and then as I went to get off the board which was moving pretty slowly I somehow cause a great amount of pain to my foot. Living by the idea of not seeking help as it's just the way my dads taught me I got my dad to collect me from the park and just sat at home on the sofa, But the pain got worse Tuesday morning, I couldn't walk and my foot was numb and felt like dead weight from the knee down.
Dad got home from work and rushed me to a&e where I found out I had cracked a few bones, and so got a cast put on it. This was a ridiculous downer as it meant I couldn't move or do anything really. Wednesday was a depressing slow day, stuck on the sofa in an empty house with no company and feeling absolutely awful. Thursday Morning I then received a call telling me I needed to come back into hospital as they had found some other issues with the ligaments in my foot.
I rushed in to then end up waiting 3 hours to be seen, once I was I was told the injury was actually a lot worse than first thought and I would need surgery, and even with surgery I was likely to experience arthritis when I was older.
As you can imagine this isn't something a 19 year old like me really wants to hear. But I was admitted to hospital, had another scan and was told I would have the surgery the next morning, and so spent the afternoon stuck in a hospital bed. The night was rough, I couldn't sleep and was woken up often for drips and other things. The at 4am I was told I'd be prepped for surgery, which was a stupidly slow process. I wasn't ready till around 6:30. I then was visited by the doctors, who I expected would tell me about the surgery, but no,  was told that actually I didn't need surgery and the ligament issues I had been called in for were actually fine and would heal naturally. I then had to wait around from 8am till 4pm for staff to discharge me, After being told I was ready to leave at around 12.
And here I am back home writing this post, stressed, annoyed and in a giant foot cast.
I wasted Thursday and Friday being panicked for no reason.

This also meant I couldn't get blog posts sorted or other work things that I need to get done to earn myself a bit of a living, it was so infuriating that so much time and resources where wasted while I was wrongly in hospital.
So I'll be home bound and immobile for about 4 weeks the doctors told me, This is a lot of the 'core' part of summer, which is so upsetting, while my friends are out and enjoying themselves i'm stuck here feeling a little down and unmotivated.
I will at least be able to go out for my birthday still and will have the end of august to enjoy the rest of the Summer but I can't help but feel a little disappointed, Accidents are expected with skating however and that's something I have to deal with.

At the very least I get to boss people around and my friends are lovely enough to come visit me and have a chilled night at mine, so I don't feel to left out!
Jordine even has often to bring me up a Mcdonalds one day the babe.

Have you ever broken a bone that's really effected your motivation and drive?
Let me know down in the comments below!

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Much love guys!

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