Friday, 26 June 2015

Home Inspo!

So hi...

Although I'm living back at home the excitement I have for moving into my new flat next year is unreal. I've been going crazy thinking of things I get and how I want my room decorated etc. As it's a rented flat and not student halls it gives me a little more free rein over what I what to do, especially in terms of the walls and hanging things up. You might be able to tell, I'm in love with pillows, I want to eventually own a mish-mash of pillows to decorate my bed and in the future my sofa. I always love the idea of having a clothes rail in my room,Not really instead of a wardrobe but I think it's a cool way to showcase my favourite clothes and I could easily grab my to go pieces from the rails.
 Another HUGE idea that I want to do is to have a huge world map. and i mean huge, like takes up most of the wall huge. And I'm going to mark where I've traveled and where I want to travel on it. One way I'm gonna do this is by collecting postcards, And I'll tac the postcard from each place onto the map. It's an idea I've wanted to do for a while and now that I have a super clear idea of how and when I want to travel as well as the fact I have income from Jobs right now, one of which is a relatively long lasting weekly job, I can really work towards travelling different places and build up a decent amount of savings.

Home Inspo

Metallic throw pillow

Paperchase home decor

Fox home decor

M Co throw pillow

Sass Belle retro throw pillow

Black home decor

Vintage wall art

M Co wooden sign

Ivory pillar candle

Heavy Duty Clothes Rail Garment Rail 6ft Long x 5ft High SUPERIOR...

Any things your lusting over for your flat/house/room
Let me know down in the comments below!

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Much love guys!

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