Friday, 8 May 2015

Topshop Lips

So hi...

Topshop Make up has always been something I've adored from afar but never couldn't the plunge and actually gone and bought. I'd always see the gorgeous looking packages and good reviews of the make-up range from other bloggers but couldn't justify the prices. £8 for a lipstick when there are £1 alternatives? Madness for a stingy student like me. However while wondering after my flatmates as they showed about topshop, I stood in front of the lipsticks, allowing myself a few innocent swatches. then before I knew it I had picked up two shades and they were already paid for. I just couldn't help myself and thought I would invest in a little better quality make up for once! And well, here we are!

The First shade that spark my interest was a bright orangey toned red shade called 'head rush' I surprisingly don't owe a orange toned red and just immediately liked the colour as soon as I swatched it. this love was reinforced once I decided to wear in out that night. Such a stunning bold colour that I think suits me rather well!

The other shade I picked up was called ' Brighton Rock' and is a super bright true pink. I chose this as I feel like I don't usually get along with lipsticks, I always find fault in them but I really actually like this colour, it feel like the perfect pink to me and I'm looking forward to wearing it on bright summer days when I'm feeling extra bold.
I'm thinking of maybe treating myself to a good nail varnish next time I find myself in topshop. that polka dot packaging is just too cute.
Whats your favourite Topshop Makeup product if you have one? let me know down in the comments below!

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