Thursday, 28 May 2015

The Simple Beauty Saviors.

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I was thinking the other week as I was going about my day and usual beauty routines that there are a few things that aren't often raved about, just because they are sort of expected, everyone uses them (Most people anyway) So I thought I would give a little shout out to a few beauty products that are our little saviors.

 Hand Cream:
Some people may be lucky enough to have constant smooth hands, but I think a lot of people like to use hand cream, your hands go through a lot day-to-day and can get really rough. so a hand cream to just moisturize and smooth your hands is always a plus. I'm using S&G hand food at the moment and it smells nice and makes my hands happy.
Make-up Remover:
So Probably not as used as hand cream but still an important little product. We spend so much time making sure our make-up lasts as long as possible, but this also means getting it off at the end of a long day can be a little painful. Now you could just try and wash your face and scrub it off but using a make-up remover and then washing your face give you that little bit cleaner face and makes sure your make-up is all off. I'm loving the Garnier Micellar cleansing water as it's super gentle but gets my make-up off great.
Pretty damn important for your skin in Summer. No one likes to burn, it doesn't look great and it doesn't feel great. Tanning is all good but it's still important to tan without damaging our skin, and using sun cream is super important in this. I personally burn so easy, even in the English weather where the Sun is hardly ever out I can burn in about 10 minutes outside, so sun cream for me is SUCH a life saver. After sun is also a good thing to have for when you've forgotten to put on sun cream and do end up with a little burn.
Another skin product but keeping our skin healthy is important and moisturizer is a great help to this, it helps keep your skin from drying out and keeps it looking healthy. I use a number of different moisturizers, this particular one is just Vaseline coco butter.
Keeping your face moisturized is also important. I use The Body shop Vitamin E intense moisture cream. It makes my skin feel amazingly soft.
Lip Balms & scrubs:
Keeping your lips looking god is pretty important, especially for a girl like me that loves her lipstick. So making sure my lips are keep in good shape is something I always do. Though not everyone may use scrubs I think that balms are a pretty common product. The balm I'm currently using is the Nivea pearly shine balm, which has a lovely smell as well as keeping my lips from feeling dry. I use the Lush bubblegum lip scrub before the balm as well to help get rid of dead skin and give myself smooth lush lips.

And those are my important but simple beauty saviors. The Products most people use but probably don't think much about it.
Any other beauty products that you don't think about much but couldn't do without?
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