Sunday, 31 May 2015

The Monthly Round Up: May

So hi...

Can't say if I think the month of may was busy. It was a super slow start with it being the exam period so not much was done over that time but after I had a lovely last night out with the uni lot and have had quite a few nice outings with my friends once I cam back, including Slam dunk with I've already told you guys about yesterday!(check out here) But it's the start of summer, Hopefully June will be a super eventful month full of working (Hoping for 2/3 Jobs to work over summer) and fun days(And nights obvs) out with friends. Visiting different places is also a big thing I wanna make an effort to do over summer.

Top Three: Last Uni Night Out
Middle Row: Last uni night out// Slam Dunk
Last Row: Urban Decay Event// Last uni night out// New piercings

How was your May? Do anything interesting?
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Much love guys!

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