Thursday, 21 May 2015

My Perfect Shoe.

So hi...

So It's pretty obvious if you follow me on any social media that I am a major boot lover, I have happily gained a small collection of gorgeous boots that I'm content with, but they other week I've found the perfect heeled shoe for my collection. They aren't really boots so I'd say they are my perfect style of shoe, and they are a great mix between smart looking and edgy looking, just change the outfit and accessories and bam!

Aren't they so pretty????? I love lace up shoes/boots. They are just so nice. They are also easy to just slip on and off once done up and they are really comfortable, but I still get a little height to make people forget how short I actually am, which is always a bonus.  The best thing about these shoes as well Is that I got them from New look in the sale for £12 down from £24, What an absolute bargain right. Couldn't leave them in the store at that price, t would just be rude.

What are you idea of a perfect shoe? let me know in the comments section down below!

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